March 19, 2008

So just came home from a job interview which lasted from 9am – 5pm. I interviewed with the CEO, COO, CFO, CNO and every other titled “O” they had at the company. It was so lame. Every hour I went from one office to another escorted by an administrative assistant to meet each of them individually. Of course the first thing they said was “Tell me about yourslf”. I had to repeat this mantra all day long, several times to the point that I started to embellish here and there. Eventually I was describing an entirely different person who didn’t resemble, even remotely the resume they had in front of them. Serves them right. They should have a set-up a panel interview and it would have been over in 3 hours. In the event they get their act together and compare notes to see if I was a worthy candidate they’re in for a nice surprise. They won’t be comparing the same person hahaha…


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