a job offer

March 25, 2008

It’s been years since I’ve looked for a job. I was at my last job for 10 yrs and the one before that 15 yrs. Here I am looking for a new job after recently relocating here to San Antonio. I guess the process has changed. First off my interview began with dinner. I was taken to dinner to get acquainted with folks that had titles after their names, ie. director of so and so, Chief Operating Officer, etc. The following day a panel interview as set up with about 15 or so people there that lasted about 4 hours. There were drinks, pastries, fruit platters, coffee etc for snacks. Hmmmm makes me wonder. I’d love to just do interviews for months to fill one position. In any case 2 days later an offer was made. This was a different interview than the one I went to last week. So today I was asked to come in to Human Resources to fill out some paperwork and officially sign the offer. Well after a brief visit with HR for copies of my driver’s license, Social security card and State Board licensure I was ushered to another building for a mini-orientation. Here benefits, vacation, policies and W-2 tax forms were filled out and discussed. I also did a preliminary screen with the health nurse for a physical exam. Tomorrow I go to another location for my drug screening, to the lab for some blood work, and to x-ray. Next week I have a full day 8-5 orientation at the Medical school campus, which they call a General Orientation. A week after I have to attend another full day, 8-5 orientation for the Hospital Orientation. WTF! All this for a job. I remember when 2 hours of orientation was all we had and about 15 mins in HR for the paperwork, ID badge and parking permit. I guess I’ve been out of it for too long. Welcome to job hunting.


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