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Color-coded panic modes

April 11, 2008

I’m sitting in my office answering emails and trying to tie things up for the weekend. I look up, thinking, “Did I hear that overhead page correctly?” I could have sworn they called a “Code Black!”

Ok let me initiate you in the color coded panic modes…hmmmp…I did just finish another 8 hours of boring orientation again today, 16 hours of enlightenment. For example, “Code Red” means there’s a fire, panic but don’t be too obvious. “Code Green” means there’s violence and we need muscle (security) and “Code Black” is a subtle way of announcing that there is a bomb threat.

I jumped out of my chair and ran out of my office. I asked the first person I saw, “Did I hear a code black? Is it a drill?” Affirmative, a code black was called and Negative, don’t know if it’s a drill. Here I am panicked to the tips of my natural, black dyed hair. As the senior supervisor on the premises, (Actually I was the only one left, everyone had gone home early. It’s a Friday!) I was supposed to know what to do. Yeah right! I know what it means but I haven’t read the safety manual yet on what steps I’m supposed to take.

After a few confusing, cross-eyed seconds I found the manual and read in a blur the steps to take. Simple! Lockdown your area, no one in and no one out. Then do a walk thru of the immediate surroundings, checking for suspicious boxes, containers, etc. In short, I did a brisk walk around the department and looked for anything that could be ticking. If I found anything with the potential to go BOOM!, I had on my backpack, my cellphone in my hand and I was gonna make a run for it. And how was your week?

Oh yeah! Code black was called off after 20 mins. It was a prank call!


Instant gratification…

April 10, 2008

Since I started blogging. I’ve neglected painting. The thing is, they are both outlets for stress and an illusion of doing something creative. My gear, brushes, palettes, easel, etc are all packed away in California. I only brought with me, my travelling kit. I’ve practically ran out of some tubes of paint. So here I am blogging. Thank God for small favors. My old laptop started taking a turn for the worse and the hardrive was lamenting from all the abuse. I finally got a new laptop 2 months ago. However, I’m still trying to recover some of my files that got corrupted or lost. So much for backing up my files. Being the ever-so-diligent (not!) person that I am, I got complacent and didn’t backup for months, probably a year. Ergo I lost a lot of my files. As I  sit here pondering on life and trying to regroup, I realize I am basically a hopelessly lazy person. I want instant gratification. Instant coffee – too lazy to brew, instant fastfood – too lazy to cook, wash and wear clothes – too lazy to iron, and if I could only have instant make-up and hairdo then my world is almost perfect.


Prez my friend?…

April 5, 2008

I walked in thinking this is going to be sooooo boring. I was attending a company forum were the president was going to speak. I’m thinking, “Oh no. Another boring hour of administrative politics and bull shit.” As I took my seat there’s a myspace account on the screen and the account was “Prez my friend”. Huh? Prez Hilton’s blog site is gonna be discussed? I’m thinking, some sucker was caught browsing the internet illegaly and we’re in for a whole hours lecture on internet policy in the workplace. Hohum… 

The darn forum was about the president’s myspace account. Apparently he just found out about myspace. He was so excited, he wanted all of us to know about it and add him to their friend’s list. He now has 22 friends. He posted some pictures of company events to make it legal that he was doing this on company time. Talk about ironic. Obviously he doesn’t know about Prez Hilton’s site or he would given a little more thought to the name he gave his account. Like school detention, we were prisoners and forcibly made to go through his whole myspace. Against our wills we had to look at pictures, watch videos and hear a narration on entries he has posted. Halfway through I subtley rested my head on my hand pretending to concentrate and promptly took a quick nap. So much for Prez, my friend.