Instant gratification…

April 10, 2008

Since I started blogging. I’ve neglected painting. The thing is, they are both outlets for stress and an illusion of doing something creative. My gear, brushes, palettes, easel, etc are all packed away in California. I only brought with me, my travelling kit. I’ve practically ran out of some tubes of paint. So here I am blogging. Thank God for small favors. My old laptop started taking a turn for the worse and the hardrive was lamenting from all the abuse. I finally got a new laptop 2 months ago. However, I’m still trying to recover some of my files that got corrupted or lost. So much for backing up my files. Being the ever-so-diligent (not!) person that I am, I got complacent and didn’t backup for months, probably a year. Ergo I lost a lot of my files. As I  sit here pondering on life and trying to regroup, I realize I am basically a hopelessly lazy person. I want instant gratification. Instant coffee – too lazy to brew, instant fastfood – too lazy to cook, wash and wear clothes – too lazy to iron, and if I could only have instant make-up and hairdo then my world is almost perfect.


One comment

  1. You’re not the only one whose lazy these days, I even use the calculator in my phone to do simple additions (!)(too lazy to think).

    Tnx for reminding me to backup all my files.:)

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