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mile after mile after mile

May 26, 2008

Driving cross state in the height of summer is a twisted error in judgment. Of course we have no sense of judgement, twisted or otherwise. We made a lame attempt of driving from California to Texas. We flew into California and decided to drive the cars back to Texas. These were the cars we left behind from our last trip because we didn’t have enough drivers.

When it’s hot you tend to drink a lot of ice cold drinks. It’s the ultimate thirst quencher. It’s the best thing to cool down your hot and sweat-drenched body. On a road trip that’s not such a great idea! Do you realize how desperate you become till the next rest area? You’re counting every mile, reading the mile markers, hardly daring to breathe. You twist and turn in your seat, nervously tapping your feet, looking out the window pretending to enjoy the scenery, every bump on the road an agony. You stare at the painted white stripes on road going on forever. Then with relief you see that sweet, endearing “Exit”  sign to the rest area. Revenge on the all controlling bladder. Then it starts all over again, 1200 miles.


Quality time …

May 26, 2008

It’s a three day weekend. Memorial weekend. But it’s excrutiatingly hot and humid outside. All the campgrounds, picnic areas, water parks, theme parks or points of interest in the immediate vicinity was jammed pack with people. We opted to stay at home in fear of venturing outside in the heat. We turned the AC on and sat around talking and eating. This got boring after a while. Then someone brought out the magic mike. We then sat around drinking and singing out of tune. We went thru the whole book and ran out of songs we knew. After a few attempts to sing songs with either high notes or fast beats we gave up on that as well. We decided we sounded like pigs in pain or cats having sex. Then someone found an old mahjong set. Ooooh this will keep up us occupied a while. Since only one person knew how to play we spent the first hour learning to set up the tiles. That what was a lot of fun. Building your bridge of tiles and trying to lift and move them without breaking. We learnt the basic rudiments of the game with a lot of questions and debating. We spent a good three hours playing, learning all the terms and making up our own rules. “Bunot” “Todas” “Waiting” “Siete Pares” “Eskalera” “Pong” ‘Kang” “Chow”  were new additions to our vocubulary. Combined drinking, the heat, and the energy expended on mahjong we were tired. We now found our favorite spots on the living room floor, as comfortable as possible, chips and snacks within arms reach, and turned on a horror flick. This is our weekend.


Another trip

May 9, 2008

I had a respite from travelling for 2 months. Didn’t last long. Tomorrow I’m flying to LA. True to form whenever I make plans something screws it up. I was planning to fly over there at the end of this month. I needed to make my orthodontist appointment since I’ve missed 2 already. I’ve been having to fly to California every 6 weeks for my brace adjustments. On my last trip my beloved braces, that I had on for 2 1/2 yrs finally came off. I could finally bite into a burger and a slice of pizza. Mmmmmm heaven! Well I need to get fitted for my retainers. I have the invis-align on now but apparently my newly straightened teeth have decided to move on their own. Well after spending thousands of my own hard earned money to give me a killer smile and all the frequent flyer miles its accrued me these pearly whites where going to have to straighten up. Now I need to get fitted for a retainer. I fly out of here at 7:30 am, arrive in Orange County at 11:00 am and make it to my orthodontist at noon. To make the trip worthwhile I’m hitting the casinos all weekend. Maybe I could win some of the money back these chompers have cost me. In case you’re wondering why my orthodontist is 1200 miles away, it’s because 3 months ago I lived in California.

Well as my best laid plans went awry, I’m going to make the most out of this trip. I called all my friends. Dinner dates, lunch dates and shopping sprees are being planned. Let’s see how many activities I could squeeze in, in the next 4 days. To top it off I have to drive back so I could bring back one of the cars still left there. It’s a 23 hour drive and I do not look forward to it. Another freaking road trip, with blood-shot eyes, nasty rest areas and sleep deprived driving. This is my weekend… Feel free to sympathize…


Elusive Serenity…

May 2, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say. I’ve been busy adjusting to my new work (been there 3 weeks), maintaining my other blog  and reading other people’s blog. I find the latter much more interesting. My other blog is mostly family pictures kept up to keep my friends updated on my whereabouts since I left California in February. Booorrrring!

I work smack in the middle of downtown San Antonio, Texas. I am about 2 blocks away from the famous Riverwalk. I tell you this because I have to continuosly remind myself of the fact. I’d take a walk in the park for lunch. The park happens to be across the street. The park is shaded with picnic tables, lots of trees and lots of vagrants as well. They’re there sleeping under the tables and underneath the trees…enjoying an afternoon siesta. I was warned by security to stay close and not wander too far, where they can’t see me (I could get mugged). Oh Shattered peace! I figured I’d try the Riverwalk instead. It’s pretty and cool, with meandering walkways, lots of trees and lots of tourists as well. They’re there walking around, stopping foot traffic to take pictures and sitting on the benches loitering. Oh Shattered ambiance! I gave up. I took my lunch in the cafeteria like everyone else. Such is my thwarted attempt in finding some serenity in the midst of a chaotic day at work.

Hence, I decided I’d take my walk in the park by the house. It’s breezy, with benches in the shade and lots of trees. Finally, I found my little oasis of quiet until… I hear the dogs barking and the kids yelling. Every dog and its owner, big or small, young and old were there walking their dogs, playing with their dogs, playing with each other… Forget the peace and quiet I thought I deserved. Apparently I don’t merit it. If you can’t beat them, freaking join them. I lay my fat ass on the bench, under the shaded tree, closed my eyes and took my siesta. Who said I couldn’t be a vagrant?