Elusive Serenity…

May 2, 2008

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say. I’ve been busy adjusting to my new work (been there 3 weeks), maintaining my other blog  and reading other people’s blog. I find the latter much more interesting. My other blog is mostly family pictures kept up to keep my friends updated on my whereabouts since I left California in February. Booorrrring!

I work smack in the middle of downtown San Antonio, Texas. I am about 2 blocks away from the famous Riverwalk. I tell you this because I have to continuosly remind myself of the fact. I’d take a walk in the park for lunch. The park happens to be across the street. The park is shaded with picnic tables, lots of trees and lots of vagrants as well. They’re there sleeping under the tables and underneath the trees…enjoying an afternoon siesta. I was warned by security to stay close and not wander too far, where they can’t see me (I could get mugged). Oh Shattered peace! I figured I’d try the Riverwalk instead. It’s pretty and cool, with meandering walkways, lots of trees and lots of tourists as well. They’re there walking around, stopping foot traffic to take pictures and sitting on the benches loitering. Oh Shattered ambiance! I gave up. I took my lunch in the cafeteria like everyone else. Such is my thwarted attempt in finding some serenity in the midst of a chaotic day at work.

Hence, I decided I’d take my walk in the park by the house. It’s breezy, with benches in the shade and lots of trees. Finally, I found my little oasis of quiet until… I hear the dogs barking and the kids yelling. Every dog and its owner, big or small, young and old were there walking their dogs, playing with their dogs, playing with each other… Forget the peace and quiet I thought I deserved. Apparently I don’t merit it. If you can’t beat them, freaking join them. I lay my fat ass on the bench, under the shaded tree, closed my eyes and took my siesta. Who said I couldn’t be a vagrant?



  1. oh this post reminds of my UK days…kahit in the middle of winter, i’d go to this park to have my serene moment. and yes, kapag hindi malamig, kasama ko rin ang mga unemployed-tambay-lassengero-walang magawa sa buhay. yeah, if u cant beat them, join.

  2. hahaha I feel better. Hindi pala ako nag-iisa. Feeling ko kasi parang yun sa mga movies. “May I walk in the park and reminisce”. Di pala ganun sa reality. Inspite of that I do still enjoy going to the park, tambay na rin hehehe.

  3. ako din pag wala akong magawa, naglalakad lang ako sa Park dito, exercise na rin yun sa akin. =)

  4. Coldman inspired nga pala ako sa mga pics mo. I’ve been practicing with my camera. Kaya panay ang punta ko sa park. To take pictures that I can paint. Pero tambay pa rin hehehe

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