mile after mile after mile

May 26, 2008

Driving cross state in the height of summer is a twisted error in judgment. Of course we have no sense of judgement, twisted or otherwise. We made a lame attempt of driving from California to Texas. We flew into California and decided to drive the cars back to Texas. These were the cars we left behind from our last trip because we didn’t have enough drivers.

When it’s hot you tend to drink a lot of ice cold drinks. It’s the ultimate thirst quencher. It’s the best thing to cool down your hot and sweat-drenched body. On a road trip that’s not such a great idea! Do you realize how desperate you become till the next rest area? You’re counting every mile, reading the mile markers, hardly daring to breathe. You twist and turn in your seat, nervously tapping your feet, looking out the window pretending to enjoy the scenery, every bump on the road an agony. You stare at the painted white stripes on road going on forever. Then with relief you see that sweet, endearing “Exit”  sign to the rest area. Revenge on the all controlling bladder. Then it starts all over again, 1200 miles.



  1. for men, this must be the easiest problem to solve hahahaha.

  2. Gibo rub it in why don’t you.

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