Quality time …

May 26, 2008

It’s a three day weekend. Memorial weekend. But it’s excrutiatingly hot and humid outside. All the campgrounds, picnic areas, water parks, theme parks or points of interest in the immediate vicinity was jammed pack with people. We opted to stay at home in fear of venturing outside in the heat. We turned the AC on and sat around talking and eating. This got boring after a while. Then someone brought out the magic mike. We then sat around drinking and singing out of tune. We went thru the whole book and ran out of songs we knew. After a few attempts to sing songs with either high notes or fast beats we gave up on that as well. We decided we sounded like pigs in pain or cats having sex. Then someone found an old mahjong set. Ooooh this will keep up us occupied a while. Since only one person knew how to play we spent the first hour learning to set up the tiles. That what was a lot of fun. Building your bridge of tiles and trying to lift and move them without breaking. We learnt the basic rudiments of the game with a lot of questions and debating. We spent a good three hours playing, learning all the terms and making up our own rules. “Bunot” “Todas” “Waiting” “Siete Pares” “Eskalera” “Pong” ‘Kang” “Chow”  were new additions to our vocubulary. Combined drinking, the heat, and the energy expended on mahjong we were tired. We now found our favorite spots on the living room floor, as comfortable as possible, chips and snacks within arms reach, and turned on a horror flick. This is our weekend.



  1. this post reminds me of how i learned how to play mahjong (na nakalimutan ko na rules by now)..it was with a group of pinoy-canadians in montreal, at ang matalo should have a shot of tequila. and ending, nalasing ako because i was just learning the game.

  2. hahaha dapat ang matalo maghubad ng 1 item of clothing. para ang ending masaya.

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