this is war…

June 8, 2008

This is all out war on my staff. It started with little things. First I couldn’t reach the binders for SOPs (standard operating procedures). They have them placed on high shelves where I would need a step ladder not just a stool to reach them. I moved them to a lower shelf. Every morning they would end up back on the high shelves. Then the swivel chair I used I would lower so that my feet touched the floor. Everytime I got up and left, when I got back the darn chair would be chest high again. My staff are a group of men, all ex-military from the airforce, navy and the army. My dry erase board that I put the schedule on would have caricature all over it everyday, my soda would disappear from the refrigerator, the communication log would disappear when I needed it and would mysteriously appear at the end of the day. Yesterday they had a body outlined in tape on the floor and would tell anybody who passed that this was their boss. I’m declaring war on these guys. I got whiff of a rumor that they’re planning to rearrange my office. I’m going to work in the middle of the night and lowering all their counters to knee level, taking the ball out of the mouse on their computers and wrapping their chairs in plastic wrap. I’m not taking this lightly. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.



  1. hmmmm ang sarap padapain at pagpapaluin sa puwet! are they cute? if yes, i will go there to it myself!:-)

  2. Giboooooo OMG cute sila. Puro guys, ex-military so buff ang mga bods hehehe

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