Summer fling

June 24, 2008

We’ve hit summer. The beginning of summer hit hard and hot. We were clearing the high 90’s in no time flat. The past week we’ve broken the 100’s…and so summer begins. To celebrate the heat, we prayed for rain and had a block party in the neighborhood. It started off with 3 houses, everybody bringing something to eat and your favorite selection of booze. It ended it with 8 houses participating, moved from one backyard to the frontyard, on someone’s driveway. It was a success, with all the neighbors getting to know each other and whose spouse belonged to whom, what everyone did, everyone clearly wasted or almost there, poker in the garage, yaeger bombs, and midnight soccer in the street between parked cars.

Of course there were the usual expected mishaps, spouses bickering, debates flairing, moms whining about kids, wives belittling husbands, someone ultimately getting soaked with liquid and of course the typical stubbed toe. One thing I did notice, I was getting too old for these shenanigans. I felt like an outsider, looking in, remembering when I thought this was sooo cool to do. I must have lost my sense of humor or grown enough white hair to assume I’ve matured in the last few months. I drank my usual (enough for a good buzz), played a little poker, got bored and said my goodnights to the group by 10:30 pm. How sad is that?



  1. your neighbours should try tequila body shot for a change. who knows, it might change your perspective on block party 🙂

  2. hahaha you’re absolutely right…that’s mighty tempting.

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