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watching TFC

July 31, 2008

When my Mom and Dad announced they were coming to visit us here in Texas, we hurriedly got TFC (The Filipino Channel). That’s all they watch back in LA. Every evening after dinner we sit in the den and watch “Wowowee”. After 2 weeks of this, I now know who Pokwang is. She’s the one with all the outrageous outfits. It’s pretty entertaining, lots of comic moments and drama. For a gameshow…yes…there is drama. It’s like watching afternoon soaps. The show is pretty lame but I enjoy it. My Mom and Dad flew back home yesterday and here we are now still watching Wowowee. Hey it’s addicting. I see all the contestants and wonder why so many people in the Philippines have no teeth? Then again I wonder why all the female hosts have beautiful unblemished skins and shiny, black hair? I even buy sunsilk shampoo at the Filipino store in the hopes my hair would  look as healthy.  I swear my hair doesn’t even come that close to being as shiny. I wonder about the host who looks like he has ADD with a bad overbite? The contestants all scream and fawn over him and tell him how handsome he is. Ugh! I wonder too at all those dancers in their skimpy outfits. How the hell do they keep their boobs from falling out? The dancers move like they belong in a Vegas strip club. So much unwarranted talent in one show. I’ve missed “The Buzz” every Sunday which I’m dying to watch since I’m a veritable gossip. One of these days I’ll get to watch more than just Wowowee. I hear there are other shows. We’re planning to go home to the Philippines this October. The funny thing is when I’m in the Philippines I never get to watch local TV. But that’s ok we now have TFC… and wowowee. Beat that!


terms of endearment

July 30, 2008


“we love you like the boss we never wanted”

“stomp the boss”


terms of endearment from my staff, the bunch of comics.

Never a dull moment at work. The boys have been making points. I need to catch up. I’ve finally broken down and taken to locking my office door when I leave. My desk chair went on vacation and disappeared for half a day, my monitor grew legs and walked to my other desk, my binders jumped to the higher shelf overnight, my printer got scared and hid under my desk and my phone developed amnesia and lost all my pre-programmed speed dial numbers. Something smells fishy in candyland.


When SH_ _ hits the fan!

July 2, 2008

I hate work!!! Yes, I know…I say that all the time. But, today I really, really hate work. I got my ass chewed out today, not just once but twice!  My whole department was in an uproar. I got into a heated debate with my Director. She questioned the work of my staff. She ranted and raved about their incompetence, and I stoicly stood my ground and defended them. In response she chewed my ass out. I prevented myself from sticking my tongue out at her and giving her a loud behhhh… that might seem a tad unprofessional… but I was sorely tempted.  I blew into the administrator’s office and vented my disbelief. Can  you imagine the audacity of the director?  How dare she question the integrity of my department?  How dare she undermine the confidence of my staff? etc, etc, and so on and so forth.  After foaming at the mouth and uncrossing my eyes, I took an hour lunch.  I really needed that breather.

However, my day didn’t seem to be over. And it was getting worse. Less than 5 minutes of stepping back into my office my Director returned with another set of issues. Deja vu, round two! Hoping this wasn’t going to be a Manny Pacquiao and take 9 rounds for a knock-out, I bit my lip in silence. I blew into the administrator’s office once again and was livid. I was so furious, my nostrils were flaring that a pigeon could fly up in there. Well, last I heard, I maybe hearing from the COO of the company tomorrow. Hmmmm…wonder if this is take two for retirement?