terms of endearment

July 30, 2008


“we love you like the boss we never wanted”

“stomp the boss”


terms of endearment from my staff, the bunch of comics.

Never a dull moment at work. The boys have been making points. I need to catch up. I’ve finally broken down and taken to locking my office door when I leave. My desk chair went on vacation and disappeared for half a day, my monitor grew legs and walked to my other desk, my binders jumped to the higher shelf overnight, my printer got scared and hid under my desk and my phone developed amnesia and lost all my pre-programmed speed dial numbers. Something smells fishy in candyland.



  1. ang kulet nila! i ran out of ideas na how to tame guys like these. or maybe i’m getting old and i’m running out of tricks 🙂

  2. I know…ang kukulit pa kasi puro military…hehehe

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