New Orleans

August 3, 2008

Spent 4 days in New Orleans. After Katrina I wasn’t expecting much. Downtown is almost back to normal. There are a few stragglers of buildings that haven’t been fixed. We stayed at the Harrah’s hotel by the riverfront. We spend the days sightseeing and spend all night gambling. 2/3’s of New Orleans still hasn’t been rebuilt. There are whole neighborhoods with abandoned houses. Some families have put trailers in their front yards and are living there because the insurance companies haven’t paid them yet to start rebuilding their homes. There are signs in front of other homes asking for any information on the homeowners. They’ve been missing for the past two years. They claim that 70% of the people there still practice voodoo. Of course I had to check out the dark, incense-scented stores that sell voodoo stuff. Pretty creepy. We walked the famous French Quarters and Bourbon street. Famous for jazz clubs, bars, cafes and nightlife. They do have awesome cuisine. The best food are found in these little hole in the wall restaurants. Great seafood. Their signature crawfish and gumbos. We visited some plantations outside of the city and saw how they lived back in the 1800’s. Really impressive. I fell in love with the southern charm of New Orleans. I got wasted on their infamous hurricane. It’s great while you’re drinking it. It’s when you stand up, it hits you like a hurricane hence the name. It was a fantastic mini vacation. Need more hurricanes.



  1. wow. ang sarap naman ng vacation na ito! i always wanted to visit new orleans..one day…i will conquer this place 🙂

  2. hahaha Gibo I’m sure you will conquer as always. You will definitely enjoy the night life.

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