When life was simple

August 4, 2008

High school… feels like eons ago. Remember the good old days when we were carefree, worryfree and financially free? Do I miss those days! Days when my biggest problem was that humongous zit in the middle of my forehead. A time when money was my Dad’s backpocket away. Work was a word that the oldies used, and age was waiting to hit 21 (when everything became legal). My music back then was Madonna, Duran-Duran and Richard Clayderman. My TV shows were Knight Rider (before David became a lifeguard), the A-Team (with Mr. T and his mohawk) and my all time crush, Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver. I think the 80’s was the bomb, our music and our shows. We didn’t have reality TV shows back then. I reminisce because a couple of High School buddies are here in town visiting. We got to talking about our kids and comparing what we had back then to what the kids have now. It’s disgraceful the luxuries we give our own kids. To think they treat all of this with non-chalance as if it’s their birth right. My generation tends to overcompensate our kids with luxury items. Why?

My kids for example get a new cell phone every year, the latest ipods every year and the most updated laptop every year. I’m talking a 10 yr old and a 13 yr old. These kids had their own cell phone in kindergarten, had their own laptops in 2nd grade and are already telling me what kind of car they want to drive when they get to High School. I bust my ass working and forgo saving for retirement so I can provide these kids their expensive toys. This doesn’t compute. Why do we do this? Cause we’re a bunch of suckers! We buy into all the guilt and emotional drama in raising kids so they don’t become dysfunctional adults. Pleeeeezzze… so much baloney. I turned out just fine without all that stuff. Now if I could only convince my kids…


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