getting in shape

August 14, 2008

We decided to kick-off a late summer exercise program. Too late now for the bikini season, but we’re early getting in shape (hopeful for any shape) for next summer. We started walking after dinner missing, the first half of wowowee. Not too bad a trade actually. Half the time is spent roaming thru the new developments, walking thru the skeleton structures of new homes as if we were city inspectors, hiking thru ditches because the roads aren’t finished or climbing over rubble left by construction workers. After a few scares from snakes in the grass, getting chased by angry wasps because we knocked over their nest and scraped knees I had enough.

Late Friday night I went out and bought everyone bikes.  I made sure to buy one that had shocks in the seats to protect my fat butt. We kicked off the second part of our bikini-hopefuls (hope to fit in one someday) training. For a week now we’ve been taking our bikes out for rides in the next neighborhood (our neighbors might run us over). We’ve managed to stick to this regimen for a week. Honestly I haven’t lost an ounce of fat, I haven’t burned off a single calorie nor have I misplaced an inch anywhere in my shapely (coke litre) body.

I do know though that my mega-thighs are burning and I sleep well at night (from exhaustion thinking of ways to cheat). My body has aches in muscles I didn’t know existed, I creak in joints I thought I used to have and my heart is pumping a healthy, hip-hop rhythm.



  1. hahaha hang on to your new exercise programme. i’m going through the same thing..i went back to gym after being away for so many months….i don’t see any results yet but it puts me to sleep at night. goodluck!

  2. thanks…I need a lot of encouragement…I really have no self discipline…I’m better at coming up with ways to cheat…hehehe

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