a lifestyle

August 24, 2008

Last night we went clubbing. It was a gay bar…lesbian to be exact. I don’t know what I was expecting but we really had a good time. I’ve been to men gay bars and that’s fun too as long as I was with my gay friends. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to go on my own. Gay men in their own territory can be a might intimidating. Gay bars are great cause there’s no pressure. We hung out, danced all we wanted, drank, and got wild and crazy. No inhibitions. In straight bars, all the hoochie mamas are in the bathroom primping and bitch talking. Everyone is checking out everyone else, you get hit on when you’re on the dance floor or at the bar. Lot of action but that’s too much pressure. I guess when I was younger and in the market I didn’t mind that.  Now I just want to hang out with friends for drinks and go dancing with no reservations.

We did just that last night. I was wondering if the people were friendlier because they were lesbians or because we were in Texas? In LA the younger crowds are rowdy, the asian clubs have too many bitches, the white clubs are  boring, the black clubs are too gangsta and the older crowd don’t know how to dance. They did dress well though. There was a select few clubs I would regularly go to, but there were certain nights we wouldn’t go there if a pack of wild horses dragged us.

The club scene here is tame and pretty casual. You go to the wrong one though and you may just end up at a midnight rodeo. That was hilarious. It was a fun night, after a few tequila shots I was feeling pretty good. We drank and sweated it out on the dance floor for about 3 hours. We met a lot of people we knew we’d never see again. The bathrooms were always empty no long lines (guess lesbians don’t need to touch up their makeup). The line in the women’s restroom in straight bars are always a mile long. One thing I did take note of…there’s a lot of butt ugly butch women. I swear that’s probably why they’re gay…they were hard on the eyes.



  1. wow, nite out talaga ito! i havent been to real lesbian bar. but one thing is sure, i find butch women scary 🙂

  2. hey i hope you are ok and managed to survive the hurricane. i remember you posted once saying u are based in texas.

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