When SH_ _ hits the fan!

July 2, 2008

I hate work!!! Yes, I know…I say that all the time. But, today I really, really hate work. I got my ass chewed out today, not just once but twice!  My whole department was in an uproar. I got into a heated debate with my Director. She questioned the work of my staff. She ranted and raved about their incompetence, and I stoicly stood my ground and defended them. In response she chewed my ass out. I prevented myself from sticking my tongue out at her and giving her a loud behhhh… that might seem a tad unprofessional… but I was sorely tempted.  I blew into the administrator’s office and vented my disbelief. Can  you imagine the audacity of the director?  How dare she question the integrity of my department?  How dare she undermine the confidence of my staff? etc, etc, and so on and so forth.  After foaming at the mouth and uncrossing my eyes, I took an hour lunch.  I really needed that breather.

However, my day didn’t seem to be over. And it was getting worse. Less than 5 minutes of stepping back into my office my Director returned with another set of issues. Deja vu, round two! Hoping this wasn’t going to be a Manny Pacquiao and take 9 rounds for a knock-out, I bit my lip in silence. I blew into the administrator’s office once again and was livid. I was so furious, my nostrils were flaring that a pigeon could fly up in there. Well, last I heard, I maybe hearing from the COO of the company tomorrow. Hmmmm…wonder if this is take two for retirement?


Stress relief

June 27, 2008

I finally got back to painting this weekend. This is the first oil painting I’ve done that isn’t a portrait. I haven’t had time to paint since last August. Didn’t realize how long it’s been. I sort of stumbled along as I painted this, remembering how to handle the paint… I started of just mixing the paints, no direction, no composition in mind. I wasn’t happy with it in the beginning, so I left it alone for a couple of days. I punched in the colors a bit yesterday and moved things around. I like it a little better today, so I thought I’d share it. The composition is lacking, I did capture the light and the perspective is a little bit off. Granted I am my worst critic. Getting back to painting is doing wonders for my state of mind. I can forget the drudgery of everyday life, the stress of trying to survive in an escalating economic crisis. However, they don’t call them “starving artists” without a reason. So back to real work I go.


Summer fling

June 24, 2008

We’ve hit summer. The beginning of summer hit hard and hot. We were clearing the high 90’s in no time flat. The past week we’ve broken the 100’s…and so summer begins. To celebrate the heat, we prayed for rain and had a block party in the neighborhood. It started off with 3 houses, everybody bringing something to eat and your favorite selection of booze. It ended it with 8 houses participating, moved from one backyard to the frontyard, on someone’s driveway. It was a success, with all the neighbors getting to know each other and whose spouse belonged to whom, what everyone did, everyone clearly wasted or almost there, poker in the garage, yaeger bombs, and midnight soccer in the street between parked cars.

Of course there were the usual expected mishaps, spouses bickering, debates flairing, moms whining about kids, wives belittling husbands, someone ultimately getting soaked with liquid and of course the typical stubbed toe. One thing I did notice, I was getting too old for these shenanigans. I felt like an outsider, looking in, remembering when I thought this was sooo cool to do. I must have lost my sense of humor or grown enough white hair to assume I’ve matured in the last few months. I drank my usual (enough for a good buzz), played a little poker, got bored and said my goodnights to the group by 10:30 pm. How sad is that?



June 18, 2008

…if at first you don’t succeed, try farting first…


this is war…

June 8, 2008

This is all out war on my staff. It started with little things. First I couldn’t reach the binders for SOPs (standard operating procedures). They have them placed on high shelves where I would need a step ladder not just a stool to reach them. I moved them to a lower shelf. Every morning they would end up back on the high shelves. Then the swivel chair I used I would lower so that my feet touched the floor. Everytime I got up and left, when I got back the darn chair would be chest high again. My staff are a group of men, all ex-military from the airforce, navy and the army. My dry erase board that I put the schedule on would have caricature all over it everyday, my soda would disappear from the refrigerator, the communication log would disappear when I needed it and would mysteriously appear at the end of the day. Yesterday they had a body outlined in tape on the floor and would tell anybody who passed that this was their boss. I’m declaring war on these guys. I got whiff of a rumor that they’re planning to rearrange my office. I’m going to work in the middle of the night and lowering all their counters to knee level, taking the ball out of the mouse on their computers and wrapping their chairs in plastic wrap. I’m not taking this lightly. All ideas and suggestions are welcome.


mile after mile after mile

May 26, 2008

Driving cross state in the height of summer is a twisted error in judgment. Of course we have no sense of judgement, twisted or otherwise. We made a lame attempt of driving from California to Texas. We flew into California and decided to drive the cars back to Texas. These were the cars we left behind from our last trip because we didn’t have enough drivers.

When it’s hot you tend to drink a lot of ice cold drinks. It’s the ultimate thirst quencher. It’s the best thing to cool down your hot and sweat-drenched body. On a road trip that’s not such a great idea! Do you realize how desperate you become till the next rest area? You’re counting every mile, reading the mile markers, hardly daring to breathe. You twist and turn in your seat, nervously tapping your feet, looking out the window pretending to enjoy the scenery, every bump on the road an agony. You stare at the painted white stripes on road going on forever. Then with relief you see that sweet, endearing “Exit”  sign to the rest area. Revenge on the all controlling bladder. Then it starts all over again, 1200 miles.


Quality time …

May 26, 2008

It’s a three day weekend. Memorial weekend. But it’s excrutiatingly hot and humid outside. All the campgrounds, picnic areas, water parks, theme parks or points of interest in the immediate vicinity was jammed pack with people. We opted to stay at home in fear of venturing outside in the heat. We turned the AC on and sat around talking and eating. This got boring after a while. Then someone brought out the magic mike. We then sat around drinking and singing out of tune. We went thru the whole book and ran out of songs we knew. After a few attempts to sing songs with either high notes or fast beats we gave up on that as well. We decided we sounded like pigs in pain or cats having sex. Then someone found an old mahjong set. Ooooh this will keep up us occupied a while. Since only one person knew how to play we spent the first hour learning to set up the tiles. That what was a lot of fun. Building your bridge of tiles and trying to lift and move them without breaking. We learnt the basic rudiments of the game with a lot of questions and debating. We spent a good three hours playing, learning all the terms and making up our own rules. “Bunot” “Todas” “Waiting” “Siete Pares” “Eskalera” “Pong” ‘Kang” “Chow”  were new additions to our vocubulary. Combined drinking, the heat, and the energy expended on mahjong we were tired. We now found our favorite spots on the living room floor, as comfortable as possible, chips and snacks within arms reach, and turned on a horror flick. This is our weekend.